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A roaming mobile means that your phone is able to access another network while still being charged to your existing provider.

1. Where Can I roam? Check that your Australian based mobile phone company has an agreement with a mobile phone company in the country you wish to use your phone.

2. Do I have to do anything before I depart? Check with your mobile phone company on the costs of roaming, and any special information regarding your mobile phone and what to do on arrival at your destination.

3. How much will it Cost? You will be charged at the international call rate of your Australian mobile phone company. If your calls normally divert to an answering service they will continue to do so while you are overseas. This means that calls to your mobile phone that you miss will have the initial international leg of the call charged to you, as well as the diverted leg back to Australia to your message service. This can become very expensive so check your plan.

4. Making calls while overseas: When you make local calls overseas you may still have to use the international dialing prefix before the number you wish to call. International call rates will be charged to your mobile phone company and converted to Australian dollars on your bill.

5. How do I minimise the cost of roaming? Try to use SMS when you can to avoid costly calls. If you don’t want to receive all calls while overseas, divert your calls to your message service then check your messages and return only important calls.

6. How else can I keep in touch if I don’t use International Roaming? You can buy a local pre-paid sim card if your phone accepts these, and make calls using a local number. Alternatively, use hotel or local telephones, or even the internet to make call.

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