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We put together this list of 5 simple tips to keep in mind for your next listing.

These tried and true methods will make your property POP. They are designed to catch more buyers’ eyes without breaking the bank.

1. Start with the Strengths

It’s important to start with the strongest selling points of the property. These are used to “hook” the readers. Focus on unique and desirable features. Save the boring specs until later on in the description.


2. Keep It Clean and Simple

People like to see things when they are clean and simplified. Don’t scare any buyers away with a cluttered house. Clean and simple properties are much more inviting than busy looking ones, which can provoke a feeling of anxiety.


3. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

(If I had a dime every time I heard that…) Professional photos of the property are a must. People are extremely visually oriented when browsing listings online. Don’t compromise on quality. If you can’t take good looking, high-quality pictures, then hire a professional to do it for you.


4. Staging Pays Off

Staging helps buyers visualize what they are getting into. They like to see how space in the house can be used up. A staged home makes an emotional connection with prospects, while empty rooms do not.


5. Keywords Are Key

Choosing the right keywords for the title and body of your text can significantly boost your chances of a sale.

Choose compelling words that will trigger emotion or imagination from potential buyers. Use these words throughout your text, but more in the beginning to keep them reading through.


6. Accurate Location

Be accurate and honest about the property’s location. Don’t write “minutes from the beach” if it’s a 30 minute drive. Most people know how to read a map and their B.S. meter will go off quickly when they see something like that.

Focus on what the property is close to and far away from, and point those out. If it’s in the middle of nowhere, sell based on that! Some people are looking for those properties too.


7. Honesty is a Better Seller Than B.S.

Always be honest about your listings. I know you want to sell it as fast as possible for the highest possible price, but don’t put any bogus claims in there. If the kitchen could use some TLC, don’t say it’s beautiful. If the backyard is small, don’t call it huge just because the wide-angle photo you took makes it seem so.

When buyers show up, they expect to see what’s described in the listing. That’s why they are there in the first place. You never know, some people might actually like the features that you thought were a disadvantage to the property.


8. Spice it Up

Spice up your writing a little while keeping #7 in mind. Make it stand out from the rest.

If writing isn’t your thing, hire a freelancer for a small fee who specializes in copywriting. This will more than pay for itself. Don’t try to overdo it with controversial humor or remarks that may offend some people. Stay professional at all times.


9. Sunset Photos

Real estate pictures at dusk look incredible. Pick a day with a pretty sunset, turn all the lights on, and your photos will look amazing compared to other listings.

Pictures during the day when the sun is bright tend to dull the colors. The setting evening sun on the other hand gives a very complimentary color effect.


Combine these tips with some smart marketing techniques and you will have a ton of buyers looking and calling you about the property.


Happy selling!


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