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1. Travel Visas:

Get the visas as close to your departure date as possible to ensure they are current. Some visas kick in the minute they’re issued.


2. Travel Insurance:

Scan your policy and store it both as a hard copy and electronically.

Get a flexible policy in case you want to extend your trip.

Remember that visiting somewhere against government advice could invalidate your insurance.


3. Budget and Costs:

Take a mix of credit and debit cards, travellers cheques and old fashioned bank notes.

Bring an extra bank card that can be activated should the other get lost or stolen.


4. Getting There:

The best time to nab a bargain flight is between two months and two weeks of departure.

One way tickets can be more expensive than return tickets. Buy a return and ditch the second flight if that’s the case.


5. Travel Health:

Go to a travel clinic for vaccinations six to eight weeks before you leave.

Avoid heat exhaustion by carrying water, a hat and sun block.


6. Travel Packing:

Halve your stuff. Halve it again. Add books, a wash bag, medical kit and go.

Check government regulations in advance and leave prohibited items behind.

Pack emergency toilet paper.


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